I am becoming a big fan of online yoga classes. It’s great to see how we can stay in touch with each other even with all the restrictions.

Distance socializing in times of Corona

There has been a lot of talk about Remote Work in the last few days. For me, the second complete week in my home office has started. And with it the second week in which I almost never leave my apartment. And I realize: home office is one thing, isolation is another. That’s why I don’t want to talk about the many technical challenges today, but primarily about how we feel in isolation and what we can do to keep ourselves physically and emotionally active.

At diconium we thought about how we could sweeten our employees’ time in the home office — and spontaneously created a #Staythefuckhome program.

Homeoffice 2.0: Fitness, education, entertainment

Already this week our online back training will start, which will especially help all those who may not have the perfectly ergonomic workplace at home. It’s also great to see how the employees engage themselves. Last week we already met for our virtual after-work party, where a colleague Daniel played electronic music via Twitch. Next up is a game show via Skype, which will be hosted by our colleague Brad. A dance course is also on the agenda.

The time we win by working from the home office also gives us the opportunity to deal with issues that might be overlooked in our normal working routine. That is why we are expanding our Inject Sessions. This is an established and popular format at diconium in which colleagues provide insights into our main topics and interests during the lunch break. This can be an insight into a project, a lecture on a trend topic or something completely different outside the box.

A new hope

In these difficult times, it is a true ray of hope to see how we are all coming together — despite or even because of the distance. Solidarity and a sense of community have’t been this important in our country for a long time. This also became apparent during the nationwide proclaimed #wirvsvirus hackathon where 42,000 developers worked together to find solutions instead of just dealing with the problem. Of course many colleagues from diconium joined the event and developed the app www.smallbusinesshero.de to support local businesses. A project that I will be very happy to support in the next few weeks. If you want to learn more about the project, just visit the Corona Situation Room of Christoph Magnussen and Michael Trautmann on Youtube in the next few days — our developers will be guests.

At some point, however, the moment has come when I just have to get out. Fortunately, according to the legal regulations this will still be possible. I’m really happy that despite all the restrictions I can still combine some calls with a walk and clear my head in the morning during a run (best regards to the #twitterlaufgruppe). Furthermore, I am becoming a big fan of online yoga classes. I take part in classes via zoom or connect to a class via Instagram. diconium also offers virtual yoga sessions twice a week. It’s great to see how we can stay in touch with each other even with all the restrictions.

What are your recommendations against cabin fever? How do you spend your #staythefuckhome time?



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