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For more than six months, we have been exploring how companies are becoming software-driven organizations. We found that building a tech company is not only a technological, economical, and organizational undertaking, it’s an undertaking that will need to see people working themselves into new mindsets. These are, of course, mindsets that allow people, teams and organizations to get a better grip on the intricacies of software, but we found out that these come with the side effect of making companies more reflecting, more introspective, and more aware of its surroundings.

While this sounds like good news for the people working…

E-mobility is where all the hopes of the automotive industry lie. Climate protection activists also see it as a great vehicle for achieving climate objectives. Currently, the purchase of e-cars is still massively subsidized but charging cables for plug-in hybrids are often left sitting in their original packaging in the trunk. Even in major German cities the charging infrastructure is not yet fully developed. So, is e-mobility really the key to the revolution on the roads? Or do we instead need a radical change in transportation that makes private cars superfluous?

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Inspiring instead of teaching

I asked Jana Höffner these questions in the latest…

Why Vera Schneevoigt lets herself be coached by young executives.

There is an amazing parallel between the transformation of buildings and changes in social structures. In both cases, the foundation is crucial for new possibilities. But tearing down walls without damaging the foundation is something that has to be learned.

Vera Schneevoigt by Chris Mueller

Vera Schneevoigt knows this all too well. As Chief Digital Officer at Bosch Building Technologies, she is responsible for the digitalization of the business, with a focus on transformation, the Internet of Things and Industry 4.0. Vera concentrates on holistic, networked solutions that involve a combination of hardware, software and services, drawing on her experience from many years as Senior…

By 2030, more than 60 percent of the world’s population are expected to live in metropolitan areas. And more inhabitants, vehicles, and transport of goods mean more closely interwoven interactions. The less space available, the more efficiently it has to be used to make cities that are both functional and liveable.

A place for innovators and new thinkers

To find solutions to these problems, we need new, groundbreaking ideas. But compared internationally, Germany is gradually losing its role as an innovation pioneer. Timon Rupp is trying to change this in the mobility sector again through The Drivery. …

Today, the transportation sector is one of the largest producers of CO2 in the world, responsible for up to 25 percent of annual emissions. This is also due to associated transport logistics and commuter traffic. The primary goal must be to reduce the carbon footprint of transportation across all sectors drastically. But how can companies switch to sustainable mobility concepts to actively contribute to a better climate? Anna Alex answers this question in the latest episode of my podcast, Deep Dive Mobility.

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Anna is the founder of the climate tech start-up Planetly, which develops digital tools that help companies easily…

A world full of autonomous driving vehicles has often been predicted in the past. In their forecasts, experts painted a picture of our cities, highways, and traffic routes with driverless vehicles. Back in 2015, The Guardian claimed that we will have self-driving cars for consumers by 2020. But today, this is far from being a reality for everyone.

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Autonomous driving is one of the most discussed megatrends in the industry. Our debates revolve around the latest technologies such as machine learning and high-speed data processing. …

We have more and more options for our daily commute between work, school, daycare and home. From our own car to a ride service at the push of a button, to a rental bike or electric scooter for the last mile. Some of these options come from the Deutsche Bahn. It’s considered a pioneer when it comes to Mobility-as-a-Service (MaaS).

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In the second episode of my podcast, Deep Dive Mobility, I was pleased to welcome and talk to Kalle Greven, Head of DB New Mobility. In his role, Kalle represents Deutsche Bahn in its collaboration with companies in DB New…

It’s like a scene out of a sci-fi movie: helicopter-like objects flying autonomously above the congested highway to bring travellers to their destinations in no time at all. When Dorothee Bär talked about air taxis three years ago, the Minister of Digital Affairs was ridiculed for it. In fact, urban air mobility (UAM) is actually a booming market. Companies such as Lilium, Volocopter, and Archer are already fine-tuning the early concepts in urban aviation, which is intended to be quieter, safer, and more affordable than helicopter flights.

Picture by Lilium

Urban aviation could become a reality sooner than we think. Andrea Linder, a…

As CEO of the moovel Group at Daimler, she recently established the mobility alliance with BMW before turning her back on the corporate world last summer after more than a decade and founding her own start-up: Daniela Gerd tom Markotten is not only an experienced manager with extensive knowledge of the automotive and digitalization environment but also supports courageous decisions.

What’s her experience of the digital transformation in the industry? What hurdles and pitfalls must be overcome? …

Large cities like Berlin, Hamburg, and Munich are playgrounds for new mobility concepts. New providers are springing up, and we have been discussing car-free city centres and the concept of the 15-minute city for months. However, as soon as we move out of the city, the variety of options is drastically reduced.

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In the first regular episode of my podcast “Deep Dive Mobility”, which I host for digital kompakt, I had a very smart conversation with Katja Diehl. Katja herself is a communications and management consultant and runs the podcast “She drives Mobility”, which I heartily recommend to you.

Mobility means participation


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